About Us

Company Background

Ideas Inc is ready, willing and able to fulfill your chemical requirements. Founded in 1974 by Frank J. Ressa, Ideas is a family-owned and operated metalworking additive manufacturer. With an office in Lombard, Illinois and a manufacturing facility just outside Chicago, Ideas prides itself on offering top quality additives to their customers worldwide. In addition, Ideas provides formulation assistance and custom processing services to many of its compound blenders. A lot has changed since 1974, but one thing has not and that is Ideas’ commitment to producing high quality additives. These products are tailor-made and time tested to meet the needs of their customers. Feel free to browse our website and contact us with your inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.


Ideas Inc is proud to be a member of:

  • Chicago Drug and Chemical
  • ILMA
  • NLGI
  • STLE